Hi, I’m Masaki.

Design director, researcher and educator based in NYC.

At the intersection of design, strategy and research - I use design as critical tools for tackling wicked problems, inquiring everyday life and finding new ecologies towards humans.
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Selected for Medium Top Writer in Design. Formerly Visiting Lecturer at KYOTO Design Lab and Design Manager at IBM Design.


Recent Talks/Lectures

Critical Design in Context

Contributed to a Japanese translation book of Critical Design in Context (originally written by Matt Malpass) published by BNN, Inc. - Aug 2019

Magazine from the Future

Hold a 1-Day speculative design workshop and gave a lecture to students at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). - Jul 2019

Some Recent Agendas in Design Research

Hold a symposium on radical design that goes beyond Design Thinking with Prof. Daijiro Mizuno (KYOTO Design Lab). - Jun 2019


Selected Works


Project direction and entire service/UX design, Professional work, 2018

Parsons Event Redesign

Google Design Challenge 2019 (Passed), Private work, 2019

Breathing Chair

Exhibited at NYC Media Lab Demo Expo, Academic work, 2019


My Design Manifesto


Direct a humane innovation beyond Design Thinking.

Recently, the word “design” goes beyond traditional product and communication realms. People expect that design plays the role of more socio-technical interventions such as experiences, services, and social innovations.

My Medium article:
5 Design Approaches to start a New Creative Project.

Artboard 2_3.png

Envision collaborative scenarios toward the 22nd Century.

Creating a vivid scenario is the universal skill for designers. Collaboratively constructed futures provide alternatives to the narratives that have been colonized by powerful political groups and Hollywood producers. The outcomes allow participants to momentarily “live” in the future, and to help us navigate toward preferable worlds, instead of futures that have been pre-designed for us.

My Medium article:
Design Manifesto: Goodbye Human, Hello Alien.


Create not products but human culture, values, and wisdom.

I focus on research through design. Not research for design. Therefore, I make new tools, new methodologies, and new experiments from inquiries and open up the possibilities of individuals and organizations.

My Medium article:
How to ask Creative Questions as a Designer.


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